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If you are interested in getting medical marijuana from a reliable source, check out WeedMailed. Whether it’s Indica, Sativa or Hybrids, as the no.1 online medical marijuana dispensary providing marijuana mail delivery in rural areas across Canada, we’ve got the product you are looking for. We ship across Canada, including but not limited to the following […]

Is Driving High Really the Same as Driving Drunk?


Getting high might be cool but putting yourself in danger is definitely not a smart choice. All of us know that driving drunk can cause serious tragedies; but how about driving high? While some media claim that marijuana can influence one’s driving skills, some others believe people who are high will actually be extra cautious […]

Grow Tips: When to Harvest Your Marijuana and Other Helpful Post?

Harvesting season is the most satisfying time of the year. Just like the other plants, cannabis change shape and color when maturing. After the long wait, quality plants carry the richest smell and provide the highest high. In order to yield the perfect cannabis, it is necessary to learn how to take care of your […]