4:1 Tranquillus Tincture by Green Island Naturals

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What is a low-solvent tincture? Low solvent tinctures from Green Island Naturals use professionally purged concentrates to achieve potency levels not possible with direct flower infusions.

Made with Hemp Extract, Cannabis Extract, MCT oil and Olive Oil, as well as thoroughly purged THC and CBD extracts, the cannabis extracts are then diluted into organic carrier oils with no added sugars or solvents. Green Island Naturals’ 4:1 tincture is the ideal entry for clients looking for a calming, tranquil, well-rounded cannabis tincture with low psychoactivity. At 240mg CBD and 60mg THC, this low solvent medicinal is easy to dose (dropper cap) and can provide relief from pain, insomnia, anti-inflammation and stress.

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